The Best Beaches Of The World.

There’s just something about beaches that appeal to pretty much everyone. Even if you’re not one to spend all day on a beach, a few minutes or even hours on a picturesque sandy beach or something that’s probably an easy YES for most of us.

Thoughts of living in a beach house, for most of us, bring about images of clear blue skies and beautiful tropical blue beaches as we dream up fantasies of ultimate relaxation and well-being.

When you need a getaway, your mind likely wanders to an image of yourself sitting on a tropical beach somewhere exotic, like Fiji or Bora Bora, sipping a drink and gazing at the deep blue sea. This scenario doesn’t have to be just a fantasy, you can make it happen! Just break yourself from lazy desk jobs and pack your bags and board a flight.

If you’re looking to plan a longer holiday and hoping to happen upon beautiful beaches on your travels or perhaps even if you’re looking to center your holiday around beautiful beaches, here are 10 countries with some of the best beaches in the world.

1. Australia

australia beach 1
The great thing is, whatever type of beach you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Australia. From the bustling city beaches like Bondi beach to the tropical white sand and coral reefs of Fraser Island, it has everything.

australia beach 2.Australia has many spectacular coastal journeys. Sail through the Whitsundays or hike the pristine coastline of Victoria’s Wilsons Promontory. Drive from Sydney to Cairns along the breathtaking Pacific Coast Touring Route. In Western Australia, the Indian Ocean Drive links white beaches, coral reefs, fishing towns, and national parks. The South West Beaches and Goldfields Drive meander through Margaret River to the beach-blessed southern coast.

2. Spain

From the desert-island-feel of Playa de Ses Illetes on the Balearic Islands to the impressive rock formations of Playa de las Catedrales in Ribadeo, Spain’s coastline is one that just keeps on giving.

spain beachThe country’s major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville is definitely popular with the tourist crowds, but for many visitors, it’s the immaculate beaches that seal the deal.

spain beach 2
From getting to know the locals and sunbathing in the swarming urban-based beached to unwind in an isolated stretch of warm, shimmering sand, the beaches of Spain are arguably some of the best there are.

3. Greece

greece beach
Whilst the color of the waters surrounding Greece range from turquoise and emerald right through to dark blue, Greek beaches have long since attracted visitors from Europe, and the world over to come to splash around in its warm waters.

greece beach 2Sandy or pebbled, secluded or organized, beaches charm visitors with their authentic beauty and also for their cleanness. Almost every year Greece is ranked by the Blue Flag Program among the top three countries with best quality beaches and coasts. Many of the unorganized and hidden bays are also ideal for naturism.

4. Bali

bali beach
Bali being famous for its forested volcanic mountains and paddy fields undoubtedly extends a number of reverberating beaches as well where you can indulge in some good time.

bali beach 2All the beaches are incredible due to its clean surroundings, crystal clear water and the salubrious nature present always. As an accompaniment, the forested mountains play a specific role through which the beaches can execute beauty to the maximum. The cool breeze around you will not be fading away at any point in time. Moreover, you will get enough chances to indulge in multiple fun activities as well from swimming to island hopping.

5. Hawaii

hawaii beach 2

hawaii beach
With its stunning flower blooms, beautiful islands and amazing rather dramatic coastline, Hawaii is already a much-coveted destination. Its gorgeous beaches are really just the icing on the cake. There are lots of different kinds of beaches on here so you’ll definitely find something to make you very happy when you visit.

6. Malaysia

Take a walk through the calm and serene beaches in Malaysia. On the east coast you will find one of the most expensive islands of Redang, a true paradise for people who want to see the sea turtles. You can also try some snorkeling in the beach. The island of Redang is well known for its turtle sanctuary.

malaysia beachFor more than just beach sports, it is best to visit Langkawi which attracts some of the active travelers. It features some of the luxurious hotels too for you to relax and spend some time alone. If you are looking for lesser known beaches then Borneo can be the place to be and is located between Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia where you can find many turtles too.

7. The Philippines

If you’re chasing that postcard image you’ve dreamt of visiting a thousand times, come to the Philippines. The dream is here with hundreds of pure white sand beaches that feel like walking on powder next to turquoise water that is as warm as it is clear. Palm trees stretch over the beach as if posing for a photo while lounge chairs with umbrellas team up to provide a little extra shade.

philippines beachWith over 7,000 islands, you’re never far from a white sand beach in the Philippines. It’s deciding which beach to choose that is the hard part. While there’s no such thing as a “bad beach” in the Philippines, many beaches offer something different. Choose between beaches with amazing sea life to be discovered, beaches with incredible nightlife and restaurants, beaches with water sports, and beaches that are so desolate that all you can do is sit and ponder life.

8. The Maldives

With its abundant sea life and sandy beaches, The Maldives is portrayed by travel companies as a tropical paradise. The Maldives was for the most part unknown to tourists until the early 1970s.
The sandy, white and pristine beaches in the Maldives are its prime tourist attractions. In fact, due to the coral reefs and beautiful beaches, the country is considered one of the most preferred beach destinations. The beaches offer a very serene atmosphere and provide the opportunity to enjoy the palm trees, tropical fruits and coconut trees.

The coral islands all boast amazing fine sands, beautiful clear blue waters and some of the most fascinating (and most colorful) wildlife on the planet!

9. Fiji

fiji beach
With its 333 tropical islands and over 500 islets, there’s plenty to explore – which is particularly great if you find that spending all your time on a beach isn’t your idea of a perfect holiday. When you’re here (and of course, depending on where you’re staying some beaches worth checking out here are Cove Beach, Liku Beach, and Vatulele Island).

Fiji is one of those South Pacific Islands that evoke an exotic tropical paradise.

10. California

Make sure to grab your camera or smartphone before you head out to explore McWay Falls, located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park along Highway 1 in Big Sur. The 80 foot falls, spectacular in its own right, is situated among equally incredible jagged rocks and offers fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean.

A beach holiday is a perfect excuse to escape the daily grind.


So, Start planning your tropical getaway now..

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