What to wear on a Long Haul Flight ?

There’s a whole world that exists between pajamas and formalwear, and plenty of clothes that not only help you get snuggly in your seat but also make sense after landing.
The outfit you wear on the plane is also the first thing you’ll wear at your destination – so your first impression’s at stake.

Wondering what to wear on a plane?

Use them on long-haul flights or short weekend getaways.

1. Trousers that stretch

They are ultimate in comfort and one of my favorite bottoms to wear on planes. A dark colored blue or black pair of stretchable bottoms help to stay comfortable and cozy for extended periods of sitting and conceal any mishaps or spills.
They keep you warm when the plane inevitably becomes freezing mid-flight.

2. Jackets

This outerwear piece is the quickest way to look chic and increase the chances of an airplane upgrade. This will make it easy to conceal your casual wear underneath.

Depending on the weather, opt for a lightweight fabric like a cotton/polyester trench coat or a more chunkier wool fabric.

3. Scarfs

When it comes to air travel, a maxi scarf has a dual function. With the right size, texture, and design, it will make you look smart and fend off the chill. Also, a piece of scarf adds a pop of color to your casual outfit.

4. Sneakers/Shoes

It is important to remember that feet tend to swell during long-haul flights. Choose your foot apparel wisely. It’s all about personal preferences. For some, comfortable shoes are sneakers, for others, it’s soft leather flats.

5. A Casual T-Shirt or Top

Wear a short-sleeved top or lightweight dress. Top this with a layering piece made of breathable, natural fibers that have quarter-length or long sleeves. Choose a cotton or wool cardigan or sweatshirt; this piece should zip or button up to make it easy to wriggle in and out of in tight confines.

6. Maxi

A comfy tank maxi dress is the perfect base for a long-haul flight. It’s unrestrictive shape, in a soft, cotton blend, allows you to stay covered and feeling fresh for the whole ride. A short top with a maxi skirt can also be wearable.

7. A Fashionable Carry-On-Bag

A handbag is must to keep all your valuable and essential into it – Your ID & Passport, Mobile, Medications, Fragile items (if any), Pack toiletries and a change of clothes, Kindle or headphones.

Travel Tips:-

  • When traveling long-haul flights, layering is the key to assembling the perfect airplane uniform.
  • You will need to have pieces that you can easily take off or put on. These
    practical items will combat the different temperatures you encounter throughout your journey.