Incredible Cities Around The World to Spend New Year’s Eve…

New Year’s Eve is one of the largest global celebrations because it marks the last day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, December 31, before the New Year.

New Year’s Eve is a day of mixed feelings for many people. On one hand, it is a time to celebrate the end of the year gone by and welcome what is in store in the New Year. On the other hand, some people experience a sense of nostalgia as they reflect on the events that took place in their lives in the past 12 months. Many people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions at this time of the year.

Some people celebrate New Year’s Eve by attending midnight church services, while others gather around in public venues such as Times Square in New York City, or Trafalgar Square in London to count down for the closing seconds of the old year. Many people hold parties to farewell the finishing year and to celebrate the New Year.

The size of festive events for New Year’s Eve can vary in size and theme. Some people attend formal masquerade balls while others have costume parties. Some people have small parties or gatherings at their homes. Many New Year’s Eve celebrations are highlighted by firework displays.

Yet each destination has its own unique twist as well as a distinctive setting. From New York City’s Time Square to the ultimate dance party in the land Down Under, you’re sure to find one that’s right for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration.

Let’s take a look!

Paris, France

paris new year
Fireworks display at the iconic Eiffel tower in Paris

It doesn’t get much more romantic than watching the amazing light show and fireworks display at the iconic Eiffel tower in Paris – or taking one of the New Year’s Eve boat cruises along the Seine if you’d like a more intimate venue and a little privacy. No matter what your idea of a perfect New Year’s Eve celebration, you’ll find the streets of the City of Light truly comes alive with thousands of people celebrating with plenty of champagne and dancing the night away.

London, England

london new year
An up-close look at the impressive display in LONDON.

The ball may drop in New York City, but Big Ben stands in London. Greenwich Mean Time is the standard from which all other time zones are measured and kept, so it stands to reason that Big Ben is a symbol of steadfast timekeeping and a New Year’s Eve icon. Fireworks along the Thames are so popular that London now sells tickets for attendance, and they start selling as early as September so you’ll want to plan far ahead for an up-close look at the impressive display.

Mustn’t miss: The marching parade and procession of Queen’s horses

Sydney, Australia

Australia New year
A brilliant display of fireworks .

The celebrations in Sydney are a bouquet of thrillful engagements. Aerial flyovers displaying messages, a brilliant display of fireworks, light shows, and several events at Taronga Zoo catering to the kids make it the best place to celebrate New Year 2019 in the world. You can also expect to see indigenous smoking ceremonies, aerial flyovers, mini-light shows and a lighted boat parade. A massive dance party is held at Bondi Beach as well.

New York City, New York

NYC New Year
All eyes are on Times Square.

Year-round, the Big Apple is the center of the universe to plenty of people, but on New Year’s Eve it’s the center for everyone. There are 38 different time zones counting down to midnight on December 31, but all eyes are on Times Square, as more than one billion revelers around the globe tune in to see the glittering ball drop high above the crowd of one million partiers ringing in a new year.

Mustn’t miss: Countdown moments while the grand 12 football is dropped from a flagpole over the Times Square building

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok New Year
A series of fireworks illuminating the riverside during NY celebration.

Come together for the hippest and jazziest New Year celebrations in this bustling metropolis that parties with locals and expats alike. The centerpiece of the evening is a massive gathering in Central World Square where people come in hundreds of thousands. At the stroke of midnight, a series of fireworks illuminate the riverside, following which, the party continues at the many nightclubs and bars lining the streets of this naughty city. It throws one of the best New Years Eve parties in the world 2019.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland NewYear
The beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh
Torch parade
A torchlight parade

The beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh puts on its annual Hoganay hoopla, which simply means a celebration of the last day of the year. It lasts for four days and includes a torchlight parade throughout the city, concerts, and a huge street party on Princes Street.One of the world’s greatest fireworks displays takes place at midnight, with magnificent Edinburgh Castle as the backdrop, while the party continues until after the sun comes up. On January 1, activities include a run down the Royal Mile, a dive into the freezing cold waters of the River Forth, a dog sledding competition and the Loony Dook Parade.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The New Year’s Eve celebration in Rio.

After its Carnival festivities, the New Year’s Eve celebration in Rio is what will blow your mind. One of the best place to celebrate new year in the world, Rio’s iconic Copacabana Beach hosts the world’s largest and wildest New Year party which receives more than two million people on that two-and-a-half-mile stretch of sand. The celebration is usually marked by a tradition of wearing white and tossing flowers into the sea.

Mustn’t miss: The oceanfront stages where rocking live musical and dance performances take place amid a colorful fireworks display at midnight.

Hong Kong, China

China NY Celebration
A gigantic pyrotechnic dragon that whirls across the sky!

Watch the world’s most dramatic skyline light up this New Year eve with a stunning display of fireworks that concludes with a dazzling finale: a gigantic pyrotechnic dragon that whirls across the sky! The New Year 2019 celebration will kick off in Hong Kong’s Times Square shopping mall, where they host a replica ball drop in homage to New York City’s famous festivities.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai new year
New Year’s Eve is sure to be an experience of a lifetime in Dubai.

For its 2014 celebration, Dubai made it into the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest fireworks display ever with 479,651 shells fired in six minutes over 400 parts of the Dubai shoreline. New Year’s Eve here is sure to be an experience of a lifetime, with performances by world superstars also bringing an unsurpassed dimension to massive parties that are known to stand out from those held around the globe in terms of grandeur and celebration. For the very best spot here, enjoy an iconic view of the brilliant display from the Burj Al Arab luxury hotel.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa New Year
South Africa New Year 2

New Year’s celebrations in Cape Town aren’t just about partying on the last day of the year and going home after the countdown has ended. NYE festivities here span three days and are the most lively, engaging, and vibrant spectacle of the frivolous town. On New Year’s Eve, the Victoria & Albert Waterfront plays host to a concert and a midnight firework display. You can catch on the most spectacular views of the fireworks from the many picnic spots on Table Mountain. There’s also a Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival that includes a carnival-themed train and live music.

Come for the spectacle, and stay to ring in 2019 in high spirits.

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