My Reflection

No matter what kind of trip you take, you often go through a myriad of emotions before, during and after your adventure.
You chose a place for a reason. Something about it drew you : the culture, the food, the architecture, the nature, the people. Maybe you’re seeing it for the first time, maybe for the tenth time; either way, it brings you immense happiness to be here.

It happens to be a time when I first visited United Arab Emirates(UAE), popularly known as Dubai. My first abroad trip..Yeaaahhhh!!! Its antiquity was the prominent reason that somehow made me inquisitive. It was so worth it to travel with my highly excitable family where I got to sense of varied culture, lifestyle and cuisines.

SEE THE HISTORYBefore the skyscrapers and luxurious automobiles, Dubai was only sand.Although the city has long evolved from the days of Bedouin villages, the desert is still a sight to see. We visited DESERT SAFARI and ate traditional Arabic barbeque, went for dune bashing, watched belly dancing and rode camels. Our cicerone took us to a camp in the middle of the desert, surrounded by sand dunes. This is an ideal way to better understand what life was like before the city boomed.

CULTURAL DIVERSITYDubai takes diversity to a whole new level. Approximately 85% of Dubai’s population are expats. This brings a level of cultural interaction that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. It welcomes its visitors around the world but being a Muslim country,there are certain factors to take into consideration in terms of dress code and behavior. Religion plays a significant role in the culture of Dubai.


There are many exciting and unique attractions in Dubai. And you might be surprised to learn that it is completely family-friendly to visit. No matter what your interests, when you travel to Dubai, you’ll find something to thrill you!

We were literally fascinated by Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world, Palm Jumeirah and its posh dining and pristine sandy beach, blue water and palm trees. Dubai mall gave us world-class shopping experience. Plus, it is a great place to escape the heat. From Dubai Aquarium, Musical Fountain, Olympic sized ice skating rink to Theme parks and cage diving with sharks, you can experience all Sega activities in one house here.



There’s no dress code for visitors, although you will see most men wearing long white robes (dishdashas) and head coverings with black rope. Women’s fashions vary. Some wear Western clothing, while others are covered with robes and veils.

Not just one style of food in Dubai. Here you can get any style of food you desire. The main restaurants in the region take inspiration from Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. That means that you can try everything from Indian to North Korean food in the area. MY TIP!! Research each restaurant before you book your table to find the best places.

For those with an untreatable case of wanderlust, this city is a traveller’s dream. Dubai has historic sights, futuristic architecture, active night life and out-of-this-world attractions.

Never Stop Exploring

Travelling around and exploring new places is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Yes, dream…I’ll talk about my dream here in my first post….Yeah, i know, it’s cliche, but still, it’s interesting, right??

I have a dream to travel around the world, visiting a country where I’ve never been there before, taste its unique food that I’ve never taste before, see the pattern of fabrics which I’ve never seen before, and above all, learn from the experience that I’ve never got before.

How I get Inspired?
Every time I meet people, I get inspired from them. Each and every person in this world has a story tell, has a reason to motivate others, has a reason to smile, this is you, who finds such people in your journeys. We can’t choose from where we come from, but we can definitely choose where we go from there.

What I want to Take Along?
A Camera, A Notebook, Good clothes, A Backpack– This is all I need to take along with me, My dream is to walk around the world, My Dream is to Travel the World. Traveling is the most wonderful thing in the entire world which shows you real aspirations of life. I haven’t been everywhere in the World but I want to feel going to different parts of it.