Are U An Adventure Seeker ?

The trends of traveling are constantly changing with tourists increasingly looking to bring a bit of action on their holidays. The joy of travel today is that whatever your interests, fitness levels, risk limit, there’s an adventure for you.

Do you have a deep, relentless craving to venture into the unknown? A craving that can only be satisfied by taking some serious risks and stepping off the beaten path?

If so, these countries might be worth adding to your bucket list. Bookmark these action-packed itineraries..

1. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / ALASKA – Skiing and dog-sledding

Alaska, especially Valdez, is famous for its incredible heli-skiing opportunities, dog-sledding through the glaciers. Spend your evenings in cozy huts that are literally in the middle of nowhere.


This city is just breathtaking, especially with the beautiful coastline and lush hills surrounding the city. So one cannot imagine a better place to para-glide than in Cape Town, and a chance to take in the views in peace and quiet.

3. HAWAI – Helicopter Tour

With its unique volcanic landscape, cliffs, beaches, and craters, Hawaii has an incredible nature one can’t wait to experience.

And seeing it all from above in a helicopter would be epic!!

4. AUSTRALIA – Scuba Diving

The Great Barrier reef is almost like an “underwater country”, comprising 400 separate reefs, cays and islands – with over 1500 species of fish and 1500 shipwrecks. So how can one miss this wonderful opportunity to scuba dive spend a day sailing around the reefs.

5. LEH, INDIA – Mountaineering, Cycling and River rafting.

With its ochre, bare rocky mountains offset by jade-green rivers and lakes, the landscape around Leh is one of India’s most surreal. Take part in one of the many adrenaline-pumping activities available across the high-altitude and rough desert terrain, including mountaineering, cycling and river rafting.

6. NORWAY – Jumping Nutcases

In Voss, right in the middle of Norway’s most spectacular landscape, holds the absolute craziest sport that one can encounter – wingsuit base jumping.

Just have your own skydiving license, then you could try it too.

7. INDONESIA – Surfing

Indonesia has some crazy surf and you can spend a whole week or even two on a boat together with a group of like-minded people, a guide and a chef who cooks all your meals. Explore the amazing Indonesian islands –  this is the ultimate adventure holiday.